What is Holistic Nutrition?

“Holistic Nutrition is an approach to health that looks at all aspects of an individual’s life, including sleep, stress, diet and lifestyle.  By making changes in the right areas, specific goals that are set out by a client can be achieved, while experiencing an improved quality of life.”


person mixing cereal milk and strawberry jam on white ceramic bowl

How did Holistic Nutrition work for me?

When I first developed a passion for holistic nutrition, I was just beginning to explore my own journey of healing.  The universe aligned in a way that allowed me to naturally heal, starting from the inside out.

I was living and working at a bird sanctuary in the outback of Australia, where I had the opportunity to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  I was eating healthy foods at regular meal times, exercising daily and going to sleep a decent time.  In addition, I was living in a relaxed and natural environment and avoided all toxic substances.  It only took a few weeks before I started experiencing the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle:

  • I felt happier and more energetic
  • I lost excess fat around my mid section
  • Acne and oily skin began to normalize and my eyes appeared whiter and brighter
  • Reduced bloating
  • Digestion and bowel movements became regular

As a result of these benefits, I was encouraged to continue using healthy and regular routines.  I realized that health is the result of living a balanced lifestyle.  In addition, I knew that it was a series of events and actions that allowed my body to begin to heal, and not just a one time “quick fix”.

I encourage others to do the same and to make changes in their own lives, wherever necessary in order to increase ones state of well being.  Please click here if you are interested in meeting for a FREE 20 minute consultation.